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Hi Jessica, Saw you in Nashville last week. First time to Nashville and of all music going on we stayed and enjoyed yours all night. Had a blast. Looking forward to hearing more. If you are ever in the Orlando/Space Coast area let me know. Good luck in your endeavors. Brenda and Rick Cocoa, Fl
Hi Jessica.I really like your country voice.If you need original songs,have a listen to LIE TO ME ( country version ) on my site,and please read the short Bio on my site for more info.Thank you.Mello D.Lane ( songwriter ) www.reverbnation.com/mellodlane
Jess, you have come so from from the girl I sat next to in chorus and shared the stage in Freedom. I love watching you grow and blossom into the wonderful woman you are becoming! Continue being you! Never forget your roots, and stay true to you! So much love and support! ~Roz
I just heard your music I love the song great music
Still waiting for you to play a concert back home
Jessie, I am one of your most devoted fans on Facebook. I really enjoyed listening to your music. A very strong production. I can't wait to hear your EP. As you know, I could send you some tremendous songs from my publishing company to listen to if you would like. I would love to do that. Keep working and climbing up that ladder and your dreams will come true! Thanks, Frank Larry.
Was listening to your songs. Enjoyed them very much.
We truly enjoyed your show at Bronson! It was nice talking with you, as well. I hope you enjoyed the mud bogs!
You go Jessica. You can do it. You are the next new country artist. Proud of you.
I know your brother, Ron. Told him I was vacationing in Nashville and he told me about you. We'll be there today, july13 to 15. I didn't see you playing anywhere local. Please comment back if you are at a local place in Nashville tonight or tomorrow.
It was an honor to meet you at Longbranch Bar in KY. I definitely see you going far in your career! Loved your music and ypur passion for our military! Hope to see you again soon... ;)
Great songs especially Sober
I love your sound!! I really hope that you get famous, I could listen and sing to you for hours!! Your song "Leavin Home" is the song that will be the voice inside my head, stuck in harmony and flow as I walk on through my own journey :)
I was on holiday about 3 weeks ago. Saw you sing in the Silver Dollar Saloon in Nashville. Pretty Good. Birmingham, England, UK.
Hey Jessica! Your parents stopped in today at Neshannock Creek Inn in Volant (I'm the hostess :0)) & told me to check your website out & I did & i LOVE your music! Such talent! God bless you! xo
Love your music, your voice, your songs!!~ Keep them coming. Best Wishes, Betty Felger, Rochester, PA
Hey jessica I'm a senior at freedom now and I'm happy of how far you have come. I heard about you and your great voice, but never really had a chance to hear it. I'm not much of a country fan, but I absolutely love "leavin home" keep up the great work and God bless you!
Miss you let me know when you will be home next!
OMG! Jess you sound amazing!!! You will definitely make it!!! Lots of luck hun!
You sound great! Wishing all the best. You can do this. I can't wait to see you on CMT.
Tina McNear cole shared your site on fb. What a beautiful voice have!
Your voice is beautifully mature. I am so proud of you!
Hey Jess :) Just stopping by to say I'm glad your doing great for yourself and miss you lots. Hope to see you soon :)
Aunt Betty Eder was very proud of you and we all are so happy for you. Keep up the good work. We love you Jessica. You have the voice of an angel.
Hi Jessica, I am from new sewickley twp and i also went to freedom. I saw your pic on Mrs Mako's facebook. You are a very beautiful young lady with a lot of talent. i love your song " leavin' home". i wish you a lot of luck in all you do in the future. and i look forward to hearing you on the radio. God Bless You
you sound very beautiful. The Mcnears are full of talent just keep doing what you're doing.
Love your sound Jess! You rock!
glad to see that you are living you're dream
Baby Girl,Ijust LOVE this picture . When I get done with this commit I am going to look around your net. I cant wait to see both 0f you again******All my LOVE to both of you,LOVE MEMA!!!!!!
just wanted to stop in and say hi, i miss you and missed you singing for me at the festival, i understand you are busy and that is ok, so proud of you and all you have done, you are truly a star and im proud to have been a part of your life, keep it up and best of luck to you, love to you also
Heyy Best Friend! Miss you! So proud of everything you have/are accomplishing! I miss having you around but I know you're doing what you are called to do! Keep singing your heart out! Love always, Allison <3
Jessica,I'm a friend/coworker with your dad,you sound great and I'm sure your gonna go far! Good luck to ya!
you sound like a star!!!
I love the new look and feel of you new website....Please hurry up and get super famous..... You and Mike are truley Two of the best.....Good luck and getta done
Jessica, Your family is very proud of you! God has blessed you with an awesome voice! I'm proud of you and I keep you in my prayers. Someday soon, we'll see you right up there with Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, etc. You take care, Denise
Jessica- You have grown up into a very beautiful young woman! I love all of your songs! Tell your mom I said hello! I'm so proud of you!
Your mom and dad shared your music with me while staying at our cottage. I enjoyed it very much. I am looking forward to hearing you on my radio as well as my ipod.
Hey Jessica, Good voice! Best wishes to ya!
Jess: Just stopping by to tell you how much I love the website! Can't wait to hear you sing again!
This girl is an amazing singer and i know that not only I am waiting, but her whole hometown is waiting to hear her music hit the charts!!!
Hey Jess!! Your music and voice is great,Hello from New Sewickley Twp,Pa!!
Wow. I didnt you sang so well. Good stuff, I will be looking for you on the radio soon huh?
Jessica has a sweet, strong voice and a lot of star quality. very photogenic as well.
Hey Jessica, Things are really happening for you right now! Your music is amazing,keep it up!
You're amazing! Keep up the good work! :)
So proud of you love! I love all of your songs and I can't wait to hear more! Miss and love you bunches! <3
We all love to have you sing for us! Keep on singing and we will hear you soon! Can't wait!
hey jess! i love you so much girl and your music is amazing. im so greatful to have you in my life and get to watch all your dreams come true. you are an inspiration to everyone. i miss you so much<3
So glad to hear all is going well, not surprised though. We love you and miss you. Keep working hard and all your dreams will come true! For you the sky is the limit.
just wanted to comment this beautiful country girl on her great accomplishments, exciting to see someone from our small town going big!! Your music is amazing..keep it going, god blessed you with a talent everyone needs to hear-
Love the music! And you are gorgeous :)
just wanted to say hello and that i miss you, listen to your songs all the time Much love Pam
Hey girl! So proud of you for how far youve come and following your dreams! You are doing amazing! Keep up the great work.
Hey, Jess! Looks like you are doing awesome! Congrats on your success. We miss you back here in the Burgh, but know you have amazing things ahead of you! Keep going for your dreams, girl!
Hey Jess, Just dropped by to say I love the songs and I know you are gonna make it big! I can't wait to be able to say "I knew her when...! Love the picture on this page too!
Big fan of your music. Hope all is well with you and Mike in Tennessee!
hey jess!!! im so proud of you! your music is great! miss you chick!
Hi Jessica you have an incredible voice, talent, and a exclusive way to say and send those beautiful poems with music. Congratulations, and I always will admire your talent. keep it up and hope to see you soon near to our city. God bless you...... bye.
Best wishes. Big fan big fan !
Hey Jess, sounding good...Keep up the good work,Love ya
Jessica...you look even more beautiful than the last time I saw you. I just love the songs you wrote and recorded and I miss seeing you sing. I especially love when you left...I'm pretty sure who it was written for...best of luck...miss you so much!
I just listened to yours songs...You just keep getting better and better...cant wait for the day im watching you sing at hienz field or first niagra and theres thousands of people there adoreing you right along with me
I can not thank you enough for singing at the festival, you were amazing, im so proud to have been a part of your life, my love thoughts and prayers are with you as go on this amazing quest in your life, love always Pam
go get 'em kid!!!!! Aaron
So Glad You and Mike are here in Nashville....You are really an awesome talent.....Hurry up and get famous so that I can build you a House........
Keep up good work :) nice of u to do a song for challis well good luck and good job :)
you go girl !!
You have really grown since I heard you sing at Knob Park. Stay strong down south. I am introducing my 8 year old daughter to your songs. All she likes to do is sing and your story is very inspiring.
Your doing amazing, your music is great. Keep going at it pretty soon your gonna be blowing up all over the country! Cant wait o hear more :). Love ya! and hope all is well!
Jessica, your songs are amazing!
I just heard your song Leavin home on the radio...Awesome!!! :)
great song leavin home heard it thie morning on the way to work cant wait to purchase cd
Jess the music sounds great! Hope everything is well in TN. My friends really love the music we are gonna have to link up on FaceBook. Never stop living your dream!!!! Love Ya Benny Boy
Hi Jess i work with your mom i was wondering ifi could link your web site to my facebook to help you out
Your doing great, way to make something out of yourself. good luck, i hope to hear you on the radio one day. and by the way i am a member of Freedom High School also. the school made an anouncment about you and this website the other day so i figured i would get on here and check it out. im loveing your songs. GOOD LUCK!!
I listened to all of those songs and you sound amazing! Also you are very pretty :)
Love the music good luck hope to hear more from you.!!!!!
Jessica went to the same dance studio I go to, she became my rule model not in just dance but everyday life. Is the past, when I herd her sing at recitals, when we danced at the park, ec. I became to luv not just her but her music and voice to! She isn't just beautiful on the outside but beautiful in the inside as well as a beautiful voice! Jessica is an amazing rule model and nice to be around! Luv Paige <3
Hey Girl we are proud of you.....You have a beautiful voice, and we wish you well in everything that you do. As my dad says reach for the stars and never give up.
Jess, Listened to "Leavin Home" on www.iheartradio.com and it is absolutely TERRIFIC as always. Keep it up and KMA !!! Purple bus here we come!! Love you and miss you
Hey Jessica, Just listen to all the knew stuff!! Sounds even more amazing than I last heard the music!! I know your doing amazing!! Love Always,
Pam and Joe told me about your songs. We camp beside them at Rosepoint Park Campground. WOW...what a beautiful voice. I wish you all the best!
I love the new song "Leavin Home"
Jessica- I'm friends with your mom and Aunt Mary (actually I graduated from High School with your mom). I saw them last night and of course your mom was bragging about you and your new song! No wonder she was so excited, it's really good. Best of luck with your career-never give up the dream.
checkin u out girl! say mom the other day.
love your music
Hey girl! :) Hope Nashville is treating you well! If you haven't been to "The Big Bang" yet you gotta check it out! You sound and look amazing, just have fun and keep following your heart! God Bless! -Lauren
Can't wait to see you
I listened to the new CD and it really is amazing. If anyone reading this hasn't heard it yet, you are really missing out. Great job Jess. Keep at it. Awwwwwwww Right.....
I am so proud of you baby girl,you truly are on your way,don't let anything or anyone stop ya! KMA! You know what that means,ha ha! I love you!
Heyyy babe. i love the songs. your doin amazingg. dont forget bout us when you are big and famous. haha hope to see ya soon. love and miss ya. <3
MIss u --wow !!!
The songs are fantastic! Love you so much, and I can't wait to visit!!
the songs sounded great, you did a great job and im so proud of you, i miss you terribly but im so excited for you.
When do I get my copy of the CD? No more brownies for you.
Im really good friends with jessica. Her and i became friends my freshman year when our school musical was Peter Pan. She's always been able to sing and her voice is just amazing. I love watching her grow as an artist and being there for her evrey step of the way. It just goes to show that dreams relaly do come true. She is one of my hero's in that, she proved that if you work hard enough and belive in yourself you can do anything. good job jess. love you and miss you. goodluck in TN!!
Love Ya!